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Nazra Sdn Bhd is a company that active in the field of interior design in Terengganu, particularly in the district of Kuala Terengganu. Adhering to the motto "Design Within Reach", Nazra try to meet the needs of customers in providing the best and attractive design to satisfy the customers.          

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The Company History

Nazra Sdn Bhd was incorporated on December 15, 1978. On October 23, 1986, started the operations with the wholesalers and suppliers of animal feed Cargill brand. A year later Nazra explore the field of agriculture and thus add two more types of business in 1992, the Landscape Services and Pest Control Services. Backed by the growing experience and vision to grow rapidly in 1999, Nazra has changed the form and switch to the Interior Design field. Among the works that focused on Nazra were interior design and space as well as renovation work that involved home and office area.

Nazra also received many projects through tenders and private projects around the state and Malaysia. Among these projects are SPA, Kedai Emas Wahab, SUK, Istana Maziah, JKR and others. Nazra also collaborated with Signature Kitchen, Goodrich, Vantage, EURO, and so forth.

To this day, Nazra has been successful at work and contracts totaling more than RM 40 million. According to that, we hope will always be given confidence by the parties concerned to demonstrate the company's ability to execute its business and services in a competitive and quality services to all our valued clients.

Owners Page

Company Advisor

Dato' Haji Nainy@Wal Kurbainy bin Awang@Awang Chik

Managing Director

Hajjah Ratna binti Dato' Nainy@Wal Kurbainy

Executive Director

Mohd Nazri bin Dato' Haji Nainy@Wal Kurbainy

Our Strength


Nazra Sdn Bhd has a staff of 25 people compete to run the company into a positive direction. Staff Nazra Sdn Bhd is divided into four parts that are the main administrative, design proposal, sales consultants and workmanship.



Nazra Sdn Bhd has fairly comprehensive tools in the design production especially for furniture and cabinets as well as transports facilities for delivering the products that were produced.

To ensure the needs of customers, Nazra has two showrooms in which to create an atmosphere of certain spaces, and help provide the inspiration in finding a suitable design.



Interior Consultant

Nazra Sdn. Bhd. is involved as an advisor or consultant to the customer who want the views or ideas that involve the design or layout of space and selection of color and etc. that meet the theme to the client’s needed. Their work is shown to the customer in the form of drawings and perspective views (3D).


Production and Manufacture

Nazra Sdn Bhd is also involved in production and manufacture of interior space, furniture and cabinet design which were agreed by private clients or government bodies and professional.


Suppliers @ franchise

Nazra Sdn Bhd is also involved as a supplier of products used in interior spaces such as wallpaper, fabric, crockery, floor finishes and curtain accessories. Which brand is supplied by Nazra of Goodrich, WallFashion, Interior Miranz, Lamex Wall covering, Elyza’s, Acacia and Brenwood. In addition, Nazra is one of the companies that franchising kitchen cabinet brands by Kubiq and Signature Kitchen for the district of Kuala Terengganu. 


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Nazra Sdn. Bhd.

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